Automation using the weather

Automation using the weather

Man people love looking up the weather, it has one of the highest search volumes for a region normally coming in second or third on the most searched questions for a region.

Let me take you behind the curtain and show you the workings of my latest project, a flow that demonstrates the power of automation. Setting up the automation takes far longer than creating a single post but this automation will now automatically create artwork every single day and post it to social media.

I was playing around in Integromat (make) and stumbled across their weather API, light bulbs started firing about all of the potential uses for this. Being from a design background a modern-looking weather channel is where I landed. I'd been wanting to use the 3D clay graphic style for a while, it's an on-trend look that I thought lent itself well to this product.

So what is the stack?

Integromat > Placid > Sheets > Instagram.

Every morning at Integromat makes a call for the regional weather and sends that data to Placid, a tool that lets you make Canva style artwork with open fields that you can use an API to populate the artwork. The google sheets store the questions for the day, All of this is then funneled to a template based on the weather. It then chooses which icon to use and posts to Instagram.

Queenstown Weather Flow on automation tool make
What this looks like as a flow.

How could you use weather integration with your business? Could you make a flow that a select social media story when the weather met set criteria?

Retail stores: every time the temperature is forecast to be over 30C post a story about our ice creams.

Ski Fields: Every time the forecast is for heavy snow post a story about fresh powder.

Thinking of creative ways to reuse existing content will mean you are spending less time and budget posting.

Next week I am going to be looking at google my business integrations and seeing how automations can be linked to one of your most valuable marketing tools.

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