Descript - Edit videos like a word doc

Descript - Edit videos like a word doc

What is Descript?

This is the tool of dreams. I love the power of (Cmd+F) when I'm search websites and documents. It lets me get to exactly where I need to see without the fluff.

I was sent an interview recently that I needed to get information from, all I had to do was drop it into descript and boom everything is transcribed and searchable. This is only the start, not only can I search for a section but when I click on the section of interest it automatically starts to play the video along the transcript. 🤯

But wait it gets better, let's say I now want to turn this interview into bite-sized chunks for social, I can delete sections of the transcript and it will delete the video in real-time. You can at the click of a button remove all umms, buts, hmms. All gone.

The speed that this adds to an editing flow for anyone who works with podcasts is amazing. I love that tools like this bring the barrier for entry in a digital space down a peg. You don't have to worry about learning editing software, you can just jump in and start editing like a word document.

I've only scratched the surface with the features that it has to offer, voice replacement, exporting to pro tools, video overlays, team editing, and speaker labeling, to name a few.

In the future, I would love to see podcast management integrations come to descript letting people manage their full workflow from one place under one subscription. I'm excited that they are experimenting with AI features and look forward to seeing where this tool gets to.